Alangad Jama-ath public school was established in the year 1996 by Alangad Jama-ath Educational and Charitable Trust (AJECT). The school is situated at Karumalloor. Its serene location provides a secure and ideal environment for learning. The school has a spacious campus and provides a peaceful atmosphere. The school can boast of a total area of 5.5 acres. The sports complex consists of a magnificent playground with all facilities. The school has been upgraded to Senior Secondary on 01.03.2011.
“Green World Kindergarten” the kids' paradise enhances the attractiveness of the school. We believe that each child is a precious gift of God. The staff provides a child centred caring environment, focus on playful learning and holistic development.

Manager's Message

The central focus of education has changed from perceive learning. The significance of practical experience must be counted in today's world. The fullness of life comes out of fulfilling one's skill and interest. At the same time education must teach them to dispel error and discover truth. It must create a favourable attitude in them for positive changes in life. And also to provide a comprehensive and integrated education with a view to develop the total personality of the child.

Principal's Message

"The entire process of education is focused on nurturing the context and the competencies of the self ". Education empowers the self to be in harmony with its own nature and with its environment. Knowledge is a tool to render this task. Education must help the learner to face uncertainties. The first step of the educationist is to understand the learner. Learner should be empowered to face any challenges on his own. Through his education he must gain the ability to nurture his inborn talents, so as to move a step closer to his goals and ambitions and more importantly a step closer to nature, upholding the values as a member of the society. For this purpose what he actually needs is the love and care of his parents and teachers.

Our Vision

"Holistic Development and Academic Excellence"

"Arise, awake and stop not till your goal is reached". Our vision is to focus on the child as a human being. We at Alangad Jama-ath public school contribute to his/her holistic growth by being an active instrument to bring out and develop the child's potentialities so that he/she will be able to lead a meaningful and dignified life. We all know the familiar saying "Rome was not built in one day". Whatever man has achieved over the years, he has achieved with his hard work and perspiration. Miracles happen when students are loved like our own children. Developing leadership qualities ranks the prime objective s of schooling today. Our major objective should be to train our young students and guide them to develop their full potential.

Our Mission

"Together Towards Greatness"

Our mission is to uplift students belonging to all levels of the society by giving equal opportunities to each child to attain academic excellence and various skills along with moral upliftment.

Our Facilities


Our ‘Green world Kindergarten’ is a paradise for kids where learning goes with fun-filled activities.We encourage...

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Smart Class

To transform the conventional class room to an advanced student-centric learning environment and to implement...

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Sceince Lab

To combine classroom teaching with laboratory experiments and to ensure that students grasp each and every ...

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Computer Lab

Computer skills allow a child to become exposed to new ways of thinking, using both their creative and logical...

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Language Lab

Through a well equipped and highly interactive and effective English language lab, excellent communication...

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Our school library caters to the information needs of staff and students. The school library has a collection...

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Play Ground

The school has a vast playground spanning several hectares of land. There is a football ground, cricket ground....

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Prayer Hall

We have a separate spacious prayer hall for boys and girls to develop their Values....

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Alangad Jama-ath Public School is conveniently located near all the basic amenities, approachable from all...

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Together moving with-one thought, one mission- to uplift the society by providing quality education". "It's a home where we learn to dream, it's a yard where we learn to fly"

General Instruction

• No student is allowed to leave the premises without the permission of the Principal.
• Every student shall Endeavour to keep up the high standard of the school by excelling in studies, goodmanners and deportment. Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct as well as cleanliness and grace of person are to be cherished.
• Students are not allowed to bring CDs and mobile phones to school.
• Students are expected to keep the campus and classroom neat and clean.
• The campus language is English.
• Children should not wear ornaments ( Except earrings).
• No parent is permitted to visit children in the classroom.
• Students must come to school in proper uniform

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